The adult life isn’t for me.

Hi guys! Today blog post consists of me being the typical college student here. I wasn’t going to post a blog post today but since I have no computer as of right now, I’m like what the heck  I have plenty of technology to make a blog post. The reason I’m without a computer right now is because I wasted some tea on my Mac Pro laptop(clumsy, I know right?)  and my keyboard died out, I took it to Apple and they charge me an arm and a leg but what the heck, at least it’s getting professionally fixed and I can’t wait to play the sims again. I’ve been a whole 24 hours without my computer and let me tell you it’s not easy, I’m soo hooked onto my computer it’s ridiculous. You should of saw me, I was literally moping around like I’ve just lost my cat. But, on the bright side, I am learning how to function without my computer by keeping myself busy I mean I cooked for once. LOL. I got some fresh air, even though the weather has been so bipolar lately. *roll eyes* So, the spring semester has started and my first day back at school was yesterday. As I always say, I’m excited for this semester. Lol. I am pretty positive of this semester, I’m taking Modern History of Fashion, Merchandising Math,Fashion Show & Event Planning/Production, and Interning with The Curvy Fashionista so it’s going to be a pretty busy month for me but I’m going to try my best to give you more blog posts. ❤️ love you all. See you soon. 



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