Meeting Beauty Guru Makeup Shayla? Weekly Youtube Videos & more?

Fearlesskryss meets MakeupShayla!
FearlessKryss meets Makeupshayla!

What is poppin, y’all?! Let’s just say this weekend was amazing. I’ve met one of my favorite beauty guru MakeupShayla. If you’re not familiar with her, I strongly advise you to check out her youtube channel and Instagram. She’s the freaking B O M B! I mean FLAWLESS! I couldn’t even find one flaw! Foremost, the meet and greet was fun, I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her. I told her, “I’m going to be like you in 2 years.”

I know this is a short blog post. No one likes to read, so I will be uploading more visuals, in other words more pictures onto the blog and what not.  Yes, I will be more consistent with having more blog posts on my facebook page, it’s been a lack of creativity and still getting my hands wet with WordPress. NO EXCUSES. I’m going to get it done by the end of this week. I promise.

Interested in beauty and fashion tips, check out MakeupShayla social networks down below!

MakeupShayla Youtube 

MakeupShayla Instagram 


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