What’s Everyone Wearing This Week?

Hey guys! Tushari here. For my post on Mondays,I was thinking about doing a fashion trend that we can discuss for the week. I want to touch on what everyone’s wearing and how you can wear it. I love fashion as you all will find out over the time we chat and everything that comes with it. So let’s begin!

I’m gonna do one trend every week and explain why and how you could wear them. Of course, if you want to wear them the way you want to, by all means, work your stuff girl! I’m just here to help :).

Trend 1: Laced up clothing!

So this trend has been something that I’ve seen over the couple months and  it has been in jumpsuits, blouses, bodysuits, and dresses. To be honest, I wasn’t actually interested in it. I always thought it was cute, but I hadn’t really found something that I would want to buy , so I stayed away from it.

Last week, I actually found a jumpsuit with that laced up detail and this is how I’m thinking of styling it…

  1. A kimono of any pattern. I think for a jumpsuit, a nice kimono is perfect for that music festival vibe that I’m going for. To make it more sexy and classy  a nice blazer would do well. This is only if you want to cover up a bit. There’s nothing wrong with showing some skin girl!
  2. A pair of nice sneakers/ sandals. With anything laced up, you have to know that, that detailing is the main character in your outfit. Shoes MUST stay simple in my opinion. Why wear strappy laced shoes when the focal point isn’t supposed to be on what you wear on your feet. I was thinking either I could wear my new Stan Smith Adidas (If you would like a full on review for the Stan Smiths, I’d be more than happy to do one for you!) or some cute flat sandals. Also, a nice pair of one sole heeled sandals would give you a sexy look without going over top!

*All of those suggestions go for the tops and dresses as well as the jumpsuit!

Here are some links I found for the items that I spoke about and how they look with other pieces together. I will also link some plus size options as well! Eventually I want to start a Pinterest account so that I can actually style the trend as how I see it, so that you guys can get a better look! Also, if you want a cheaper option for these trends, I can do that also!



The Bodysuit

The Jumpsuit

The Blouse.

The Dress.

For My Plus Size Mami’s! 

The Dress.

The Jumpsuit

The Bodysuit.

I couldn’t find a blouse for my plus size mami’s, but I can give you all some advice. If you’re looking for the perfect blouse top, try sticking with something that is stretchy! Make sure it’s cotton that way you know that it’s breathable and it stretches! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and could take something from this. I will be back with another post this Thursday. I’m thinking that the topic will either be protective styles for my natualista’s out there or a plus size talk. I also want to thank you all for the amount of love I got on my first post, thank you so much! I wasn’t expecting that at all and I’m so grateful!


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