Makeup Alert: Hit or miss?

Hi loves!

How are you doing today? I’m doing great If you are wondering. I completed this greenish ombre with a spec of tan in the middle of my lids. It wasn’t easy and it’s not the very best. (I had to throw that out there.) I wanted to try something different even though I had NO idea what I was doing. Iry, my roommate, is a makeup artist so this is her talent here. I’m like, “This is not turning out what I expected it.” “I think I’m doing this wrong.” “My eyes are so weird.” Being dramatic, of course 😉 As I finished the complete look, I added this white shimmer eyeshadow onto the inner corner of my eyes and I’m like “Hmm, maybe this did turn out right.” The outcome of this look was totally different, I stepped out my comfort zone and decided to try something new. Would I try this again? Sure! Will I get better at it? Ofcourse!

Tell me what do you think of this look?!

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Green Makeup

2 thoughts on “Makeup Alert: Hit or miss?

  1. Love it! I personally can’t pull off green eyeshadow, i feel like it clashes with my red hair. But I’m interested in seeing a tutorial on this and maybe I could use a different color like a lavender or a soft pink. The shades compliment you well as well as the style. 💖


    1. Personally I thought green eyeshadow wasn’t a perfect fit for me either! It was different but it worked out well! Lavender is a perfect color for the spring with a soft touch of pink, my opinion! Hey, you never know! Thank you so much Taylor! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind! ❤️


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