Goodbye April, Hello May!

Hi everyone! How are things going for you?

New month, new beginnings, new feels. Right? Well, of course. The month of May is going to be all about improving your self: Journaling, time management, setting goals, trying new things, and also…can’t forget advocating for yourself. Now, my biggest problem is time management and stress. I can’t seem to have a set day and even If I try to, it doesn’t go as planned which means I’m going to work more on that. I stress over the smallest things which I absolutely DESPISE. It sucks, but the more stress free you are, the happier you’ll be.

What do you have a hard time achieving?
What are some things that motivates you? 
How do you handle stress? 

Comment below on some self improvement tips! 

One thought on “Goodbye April, Hello May!

  1. Self improvement tips: Instead of dwelling on what you haven’t accomplished, look at all that you have! I myself spend wayyyy too much time stressing and becoming upset when I don’t get things done in a timely manner. Start each morning with a deep breath, a nice stretch, and a positive, motivating thought of some sort. It makes a huge difference!

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