Urban Books? Are You A Fan?

Hello all! Tushari here!

Sorry, I’ve literally been missing out on the action, but I’m back! Anyways, today’s topic is Urban Novel. What I mean by Urban Novel is  African American fiction. Now, these books have been controversial for some time to people that my not find this genre as fitting to be apart of the book world.

I beg to differ. I’m a urban writer and I am proud of myself and my art. Now this doesn’t go to say that I cannot come up with other genres of novels if I really wanted to. I know what I am capable of just like many urban writers, but this is what many are comfortable with.

Urban books aren’t just about sex, drugs, drama, lies and deceit. They have a meaning to them. A reasoning for why the person did whatever they did and how they fixed it so that it wouldn’t come back around to bite them in the butt. I feel like once you have a great plot, that you can conquer the book world whether you write teen fic or urban novels.

Here are my top three of  favorite Urban books and the links. First book being my favorite and recommended If you’ve ever read an urban novel, let me know what your thoughts are on it and if it something that you would keep reading or not.

See You Later!

-Tushari 🙂

A Street King Love Affair. By. T.Mckenzie

Without You, I Have Nothing To Lose: An Outlaw Love Story. By. Queeny Pitts.

He Got Me In My Feelings. By Kellz Kimberly.





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