Trend Of the Week: To Protective Style, or Not?

Happy Monday guys, this is Tushari and I’m back with another topic to start you off for the week!

The trend this week seems to be protecting natural hair. This comes from several things naturalistas can do to preserve their curls. One of the main protective styles that we use are hair extensions. (weaves, box braids, crotchet braids. Etc.) I’ll start by explaining what a protective style really is.

A protective style is made for those natural women that would like to give their real hair a break from the tugging, pulling, braiding their own hair. I know for me, I use a lot of pressure because of the thickness of my hair, so I know I do most of my damage when my hair is wet, which it is most of the time because of the density of my hair. I usually have to spritz some type of liquid concoction to make it a bit more manageable.

Some people just genuinely don’t like putting too much work on their hair and then they’re a lot of people that are just lazy and don’t want to ever touch their natural hair which is perfectly fine too! These are the people that love to wear their hair in a protective style.

I, on the other hand, don’t like putting too much work on my hair and I’m a bit lazy! Lol, but I also like to have fun with my hair and changing it up is something that keeps me from getting bored with my hair.

When I started my natural hair journey, I was 16 years old, I am now 20 and I’ve reached my goal, so after a while, you get lost in your hair, you start to really not know what to do with it anymore. You wanna cut it one minute, grow it the next. I’ve dyed my hair about three times before I decided to go copper. Now I want to go gray! Getting protective goes along with what you want to do with your hair, but also gives you the reassurance of not messing up your own hair in the same process.

Now here are the top three protective styles.


Box Braids.

Crotchet Braids.

The trends have been coming in full affect quicker than normal being that the hotter weather is coming sooner than later!

Tips before you do a protective style.

Deep Condition your hair! Try doing a protein treatment if you can, just to keep your hair under whatever you choose to do is well nurtured. I love also using Cantu Shea Leave in if  I don’t get to do the treatment.

Check you length and if you have any damaged ends, take notes of that. You want to know if the protective style that you have in your head is something that you can do over and over. If breakage stems from that specific hairstyle, you might want to try something new.

Lastly, do your research! If this is your first time doing a protective style, please, please, please, I cannot stress it enough, know what you are getting yourself into! I knew that this would be my first sew-in and I wanted to make the best of it, I spent my hard earned money on this hair, and I gotta turn around and pay a stylist too, I want to get my money’s worth.

I had to find the perfect stylist and that took most of my time. I wanted someone that I knew I would like for one. If you can’t vibe with your stylist, it won’t be the most comfortable two hours. Make sure she’s great talking to. I also wanted to take a look at their work. I wanted to look at their pictures and see exactly what I want my hair like in her portfolio. Of course I know people, heck, my cousin is  a professional hairstylist, but sometimes getting someone outside of your circle is what might be best.

To find some hairstylist in your city, try using the app StyleSeat!

Also, research the hair you’re going to spend. Don’t spend three hundred,four hundred dollars on bogus hair. If you can, search YouTube for reviews on the hair you want before you buy it.

I’ll drop a picture of my hair and link where I got it. Take into mind, my hair was bleached and dyed twice! I have Malaysian Body Wave in inches 18,20,22,24.


I hope this helps someone out there trying to figuring out what a protective style really is. Happy protecting!


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