Happy Monday: Have you started your goal list?

Hi guys, FearlessKryss checking in!
How are you doing today?

Disclaimer: I changed my blog site, I felt like the other template I had was a bit Debby downer. Change is good. (:

Have you started setting goals for 2016? If you haven’t, what the hell are you waiting for!

This month is all about setting goals and accomplishing them.
Why should you make a goal list? You may wonder…

Listing your goals will keep you motivated as well as positive. Keeping this list nearby me, stratching out things as I go really makes me feel better about myself because It’s not all about getting things done; However, you see progress within yourself as days go on. Now, I never use to keep my promise on writing a list but this time, I managed to get my head out of the gutter and stop thinking of the things I wish I could do and start doing them!
Here’s my goal for you: “Stop thinking, start doing!”

The purpose of this goal list is not only setting them but working on myself with positivity.
My goals for 2016 is:
being happy and stress-free.
Stop stressing over little things.
Go hiking.
Drink water for 30 days straight. (I started on May 10th)
Have a sleep schedule/routine.
Be able to be comfortable with my body.
Be more consistent with my blog/youtube
Reach 50 subscribers to FearlessKryss
Get all A’s in school.
Go for a jog (yall know I’m lazy)
Be positive at all times, even on the most terrible day.
Smile more.

What made me motivated to start this goal list? There’s this blogger who I look up to, she inspires me daily and I loveeee when her notifications pop up on my cellular device. I just adore her! She goes by the name Jacque Amadi. She’s an amazing blogger! Not only does she blogs about fashion, she blogs about the importance of branding yourself, being consistent, etc. I mean it’s incredible! I STRONGLY recommend to check her out! Click her name above!

These are just some of the important goals I want to accomplish in 2016.

The answer I would like to know is… What’s some of your goals? and Why did you create a goal list? List short or long term goals. Have you accomplished some so far? How do YOU feel after you accomplished some goals?  Are you up for the challenge? Comment below! ❤

Until next time….


I couldn’t upload just one picture, you’re going to see this beat face! 🙂


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