My obsession with Betty Lou Manizer!



I’m VERY excited to talk about this particular product I bought recently from Khols. It’s called Betty-Lou Manizer. Every since I’ve used this product, I’ve been HOOKED! literally! It’s my favorite product, you can use it for eyeshadow, all in one bronzer, and shimmer. I use this to highlight my highlighted areas and BELIEVE ME, I’m glowing baby! I got this for $24, it’s seriously the best thing I’ve ever purchased since the Sims. ( Yes, I’m a huge The Sims 1,2,3,and 4 fan) Don’t ever forget it. (: This is the first highlight I ever bought, so this was a BIG deal for me and it goes very well with my complexion.

I love it y’alllllll.

Of course I couldn’t review this product without you seeing some pictures, right?!

Yessssss baby! y’all see what this magic does?! It works wonders! (I did not edit these pictures, my camera is just good.) Here’s another picture with NO

Here’s another picture with NO filter at all of this product on me!

See, I told you It’s amazing! It comes in a cute package like you CAN’T say no to this! IMG_1086

With all that being said… What’s your favorite cosmetic product?! 

For more, visit their social media. Click here.


3 thoughts on “My obsession with Betty Lou Manizer!

  1. Hey gorgeous! So, do you think you’re second mommy (me) can pull this highlighter look off? I’ve always wanted to try it, but hate wasting money

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