“Do you love him enough to wait until he becomes who he’s suppose to be?”

Hiii loves! So I’m back with another blog post!

Are you ready for this one? 
There’s this image that’s been surfacing around the internet lately and I wanted to hear your opinion on what you think of this! I’ve asked a few people, some has said yes some had said no. Personally, I think if he’s working on becoming what he wants to be, sure. But, If he’s just not trying, no. But, the thing is you love him so much. This question is deep, there’s so many answers to this question.

Tell me what do you think?! There is no right or wrong answer!


3 thoughts on ““Do you love him enough to wait until he becomes who he’s suppose to be?”

  1. Mistakes happen. Sometimes more than once. I’ve stuck around through them all. I’m not just gonna give up because of mistakes because he’s stuck around through all of mine as well. Love is love. Good times and bad. Heart aches and heart warming. I’ll never leave his side. Through thick and thin. Until my last breath. I dream of the day we say “I do!” People tell me stop dragging myself down and move on, but my heart isn’t ready. But when it is, I’ll know it. Not when everyone tells me it’s time. ❤️

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    1. You are right, my friend. It’s been many of times where I myself was like no, it’s not worth it, why wait? It’s no point. I’ve looked into the bigger picture, everyone goes through situations where it’s tough but it only makes you stronger. Through thick and thin, like you said. Nobody will understand until they’re in that situation.


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