The Letter She Wrote: The Beginning


“All I want is him. He makes me happy. My heart is complete now, he just don’t understand how much he means to me” – The Journal. 

On August 27, 2008

There’s this guy.
The very first day I met you, I knew I couldn’t live without you.
You made my heart melt.
Those sparkling blue/grey eyes.
The way you slur your words.
I was the happiest girl ever.
It was instantly “love at first sight.”
I couldn’t stop thinking of you.
The way you walk, talk.
You had a way with words, I tell you.
Even though, I was the happiest girl in the world, I was very sad.
Why did you have such hold on me?
Every time, I receive a text from you… my heart instantly beats fast.
I knew you were bad for me, my mistake.
I was obsessed.
I knew I wanted you to be in my life forever.
A part of me was torn.
I wanted to leave you alone.
I didn’t want to be that annoying little girl, but I was.
But for some reason, you were always right in front of me.
During the first 2 years, I can remember were good.
We built a friendship, a bond… at least that’s what I thought.

These early years were just the beginning… Until next time.

-Want more? Stay tune for The Letter She Wrote 4 part series! 




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