Let’s Talk! | Best friend leaves for the Navy? Starting Youtube again? The Letter She Wrote?

Hello! FearlessKryss is here.
What did you think of The Letter She Wrote?


P.S I’ve stated in my last blog post that I will be taking finals this week. I have 1 more week left and I’ll be done with school for 3 weeks. LAME. I know.
In other news, let’s talk! I feel like I’ve been talking to you and not WITH you. Why not have a seat 🙂

First thing first, my best friend goes off to the Navy this Sunday. She will be gone for a gooooood 5 months but on the bright side, she comes back the day before my birthday (11/12). It’s going to be so weird without her. We don’t talk everyday but when we do we pick back up where we left off. I appreciate those types of friendships. ❤

Some may be confused on The Letter She Wrote… and that’s okay. I will explain. The Letter She Wrote is based on a journal that she still keeps today, documenting her life experiences since 9th grade of high school. This story reflects on her thought process, adapting to changes, outgrowing friends, and this thing called “love”. The feelings that she had, lust vs love… She met a guy who caught her attention, and every since she laid eyes on him, she couldn’t seem to stop thinking of him. She knew he was bad for her. People telling her one thing and the other but she didn’t want to believe it. Being invisible to someone you care about hurts. Friends turning against her, friends who are there for her. She went through it all. You’re going to see how this had a huge affect on her relationships as the story goes on…

I feel like everyone has experience that one guy you never thought you could live without treats you like crap. Now, This story is based on a true story… If you didn’t know. No, It’s not a story where I’m bashing anyone, I promise. This is a story I felt it’s dear to my heart and I would like for people to understand what I went through and felt over the years of being young and “in love” and how I overcame that. Just to give you guys a better explanation of The Letter She Wrote! Anywayyyyyssssssss….
On the bright side, I get my first paycheck soon. So I’m pretty excited about that because my mother decided to stop giving me money at a time like this. LOL, at least I bought The Sims 4 Dine Out. I’m the happiest girl ever. These games are my children… I tell you.
Lately, I’ve been thinking of starting back on Youtube because I have very much so been VERY in consisted with it and it’s honestly sickening to my stomach because I came so far to just stop what I always wanted to do. A lack of motivation has occurred where I’m in this confused, awkward spot on what I want to be in life (Yeahhhh, I know I’m only 20) I get it. Seriously.

It’s 12:27 AM and I have class at 10 AM sooooo I need to be sleep like right now. This post is going to go out in the AM. Good morninggggg my darling, If you’re reading… hey boo 🙂

P.S Remember the goal list? I completed one goal that was the hardest for me and that is….. Drinking water for 30 days straight. I did it, you guys! Well it’s actually on the 10th but I’m celebrating early. Anyway, Love you. 

Until next time…..


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