FearlessKryss | Summer break? Single Forever? Outgrowing from others?

“The Beauty of letting go is not about forgetting at all. It is all about remembering what happened without any hurt, it is about accepting things as they are, and it is about freeing yourself. The thing is, If you don’t learn to let go, it will only anchor you down for as long as you hold onto it.” 

Hi everyone!  FearlessKryss checking in!

My posts have been Debby downer lately, I know… It sucks! But, on the bright side…  I will be finishing up “The Letter She Wrote” within a couple of days.

Lately, I haven’t been feeling like myself. Due to lack of motivation, negative surroundings, relationship problems, and procrastinating. I’m not letting any of that get in the way… No more excuses this time.

Now that Summer is finally here and I’m done with school, I have more time to get what I need to get done and be proud about it. I spark up some inspiration by a friend, she was taking photos and I happen to ask her questions on being motivated, what camera/lens she uses, and etc. She gave me information about this “new” old editing software she uses and man, I feel in love with it ever since. I’m already addicted to the program. Seriously. With that being said, I’m out of that sucky feeling and I’m back with what I love doing!

Relationships are sucky. Well, depending on the guys you go for but for me, it’s sucky. Why? Because I always tend to go for the wrong guys. There’s no connection what so ever.
“Don’t look for love, let love find you. You have to know you’re worth.”  A great friend of mines told me this recently and everything clicked all at once. I don’t know why I never understood it before but this really hit home. Me, personally… I’m not going to worry about relationships so much… I rather live life, be happy. I mean, I’m only 20, right? I know right. It is what it is. If you can’t get with it, move along because I don’t have the time.

We all have those stages in life where we feel like we’re outgrowing from our friends? Do you have those moments? I think I’ve stated this before in my old posts, but lately… I’m been in this situation where I’m noticing I’m outgrowing from people who meant everything to me. Nothing personal, It doesn’t feel the same. We don’t have the same interests, we don’t do the same things. You know? Yeah, It’s a part of life. It’s just surreal to me. Learning to let go is probably the hardest thing I ever had to do. It’s hard for me to let go. If someone doesn’t mean no good to you… Its time to let go. It’s okay to outgrow from people. My fault, I’ve been surrounding myself with people who don’t motivate me, negative vibes, judgement, etc. I don’t feel very comfortable If I can’t talk to you or be silly around you, I always have to think of what to say when I’m around because of the fear of being judged. It’s been really putting a hold onto me. Yet, I’m putting all the pieces together to say I’m letting goNot saying that they’re the main problem because CLEARLY I have issues I need to work on for myself. It’s all about finding yourself.

We all go through phases in our life. I just happened to be going through one of those phases, realizing a lot. 

On a positive note, I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Be safe! ❤

Click this link to read “The Letter She Wrote” Part one and two. 

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