Goodbye June, Hello July! | Let’s Talk

Sigh, where has time gone…

Hey y’all! Fearlesskryss checking in!
How are you doing today?

I’m very excited for this month…For one, it’s my favorite month and 2nd, exciting adventures are happening that I’m sharing with you all! 

Step 1 : You have to learn to do things for yourself.
Step 2: Stop procrastinating, you’ll get things done so much faster if you don’t be on that phone.

Are you that person that waits till the last minute to do something?

Come on, be honest.

(Seriously an off guard picture, I was fussing with my dear roommate irian because she kept snapping pictures while I wasn’t ready and trying to figure out which pose to do next) 

THAT’S OKAY! We’ve all been there before, maybe now. But trust me, I’m 100% GUILTY! Especially with my homework, but I’m challenging myself to get everything done so there’s stressfree. You feel me?! Okay good!

Back to the main topic I want to talk about… July is such an adventurous month for me because I’m traveling!! I want you all to join me on my adventure! We’re friends, right?! I hope so. This month, I’ll be posting more frequently than usual. I’m trying to post as weekly as I can. I got sooooo many topics I would love to discuss with you all. I bought a planner to plan my days! I write down ideas, things I need to do, etc to keep my mind on track, I tend to get side track A LOT. (especially if you know me)

I set a goal for myself to calculate all my spendings at every end of the month. I did it for the month of June and boys has all my money gone to food! I can’t deal.

I’ve been meditating lately… y’all. I don’t know what you do when you’re stressed. But, meditating is the best medicine ever. It makes a HUGE difference, I feel SO much better when I take 10 mins out my day to clear my mind. It’s this app that I use on my cellular device called Headspace . It’s a meditating app where the use of 10 mins of your time to sit somewhere quiet and relax your mind. It’s 10 minutes, I’m not complaining. If I can do it, I know you can! (cuz you be on that phone) Click the “headspace” link for further instructions!

P.S… Don’t be so awkward like me because this is what happens…

But we also got a shot of me walking like a model y’all!
(Okay, Iry I see you with the photography skills, boo)
(she wanted a shout out so bad y’all) LOL!

That is all for the day! I hope you ALL enjoy your weekend.

  • Love, FearlessKryss ❤



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