The Letter She Wrote: Climax Part 3

“It was her… all along.”

I knew this was coming.
I knew it all along
I was so blinded to the fact…
I didn’t want to believe it.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
You… and her together…
Holding back my tears,
Expressing the anger I felt
when I saw the two of you
I thought we had something special
or it was my imagination.
The feeling of my heart being broken into pieces.
The words you told me sounded so real.
In the meantime, I didn’t know who to trust.
She was my best friend…
I told her everything.
A best friend I thought would never hurt me
He was just a guy I really liked.
He never felt the same.
He was older so you know how that goes.
Damn, what did I do to deserve this?
I blame myself, I knew what I was getting myself into.
I couldn’t help but create such fantasy inside my brain.
I didn’t know whether to forgive her or not.
Furious at her
Furious at him
Furious at myself
This is the thanks I get
Being taken advantage of
Hence, my heart became cold.
So cold, I felt numb.
No feelings what so ever
I shut everyone out
I felt like everything was around me was a lie.
I ask myself “Why?”
“What is love?”
If this what love is… then count me out.
I knew myself…
This wasn’t love at all
No matter how much I wanted it to be.
It wasn’t.
I loved the thought of having you.
Revenge came upon.
I wanted revenge.
This was something I couldn’t let go.

Year 5…

My life changed forever.

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