STOP BEING SO AFRAID! | Late night talks w/ Kryss!

Why are you so afraid? 
Literally, I have 10 drafts of subjects I would like to post.
To be honest, I need to take more time on my posts.
I want to really take in what I write, a more meaning to what I write about.
It’s almost like taking pictures, having a story for every photo. It’s similar to that.

I’m currently typing this out right now, thinking whether I should post this or not.
I don’t know exactly where I stand in the blogging industry.
I mean, no one does when starting out.
I’m a newbie to all of this.
I changed what I want to do in life like 50 times.
I’m afraid of rollercoasters (random)

Long story short, I was having a conversation with a newly friend of mines. It’s very rare when you meet someone and you have a lot in common. I love it. But, we talked about how we want to travel the world, etc. Riding rollercoasters which I rode only 1 rollercoaster. I’m afraid of rollercoasters. I don’t like how they make my stomach feel. Anyway!!!
She said, “Girl, you got to stop being so afraid. That’s the fun part about it. Nobody likes how their stomach feel, it’s the rush they get.” 

I always end up in deep thought. I thought to myself, “Yeah… You know? It’s so much to life. Stop being so damn afraid, chase after your dreams.”

That’s my homework for the rest of 2016.
Stop being afraid of what people might think.
Stop being afraid because of nervousness.
Stop procrastinating, just do it.

P.S IMPORTANT: You’re driving. In the rearview mirror/side mirrors, you see all the cars (enemies) trying to catch up with you yet you’re only looking forward, not looking back.

What’s stopping you? 


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