Are you ready for a NEW online shoe boutique that carries the hottest, trendy shoes in YOUR size??!! I know I can’t wait! Also,  it’s affordable!

“Fashion Walks 101 is a Traveling Shoe Boutique designed to give the every day woman with no time to shop an outlet to receive that perfect shoe for date night, an interview the next morning, or just an escape for a shopping sweet tooth at an affordable price in the Atlanta and Metropolitan area, but we didn’t want to exclude ladies worldwide so we are offering online shipment as well.” –FashionWalks101

Fashion Walks online shoe boutique launches on August 15, 2016. In just 1 day!!! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!

Don’t forget to follow @FashionWalks101 on Instagram!!!



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Meet Krystal Lynn! She's a grad student with a passion of film-making, traveling, and photography! She shares her experiences as a young adult living in the real world. Come tag along with her and share your life experiences!

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