Visiting New York for the first time: My overall experience. 

Hello everyone! Let’s recap on how my weekend went. (Excuse the typos; doing this on mobile) 🙃

My experience in New York was freaking AMAZING! I still can’t believe I travel to New York. Being in Times Square was all a dream to me, like I kept telling my best friend to please wake me up because it’s so surreal. New York City is beautiful. You have to visit New York at least once in your life. I’ve tried new restraunts such as Dallas BBQ and Juniors. SO delicious. I got super excited when I saw The Statue of Liberty, I wanted to fall out in that Uber car y’all 😂😂😩

2 things I love about NY is that they don’t tax, I was like whaaaaaaat?! Yeah I know right and also, they’re sooooo many interesting diverse individuals. I love how they express themselves, the lifestyle, etc etc. I fell in love. Literally. I got super inspired by the different people I saw.

The question is… Do I see myself going back? OF COURSE! I wouldn’t mind living there, actually. The only thing that’s a con is the trains. I’m so used to driving, I’ll be so confused on where to go on trains. But with the help of my best friend, it was pretty easy. I’ve always wanted to go to New York ever since I was in the 3rd grade, it’s just crazy. I’m starstuck. ❤️🙏🏾

They asked me how did I do it? How did I get the courage to do this? We’re you afraid?

My answer is don’t limit yourself. You got to have faith. You can’t let anybody or anything get in the way of your dreams. Don’t be afraid. My 2016 goals were to travel… 2017 is going to be even better.

Here are some pictures of my adventures in New York!!!

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