Hello November! | What a Time to be Alive, 21st birthday plans, butterfly.

Hey y’all! How’s everything?! I’m ready for the weekend, too!
I have some things in stores for you all. I know I’ve been missing in action for like the entire month of October but trust me, I’m not neglecting. I promise. I’m doing a lot of planning. I won’t shut you all out.

For this month, well actually next week  on November 12th (Remember it, write it down, take a picture.) It’s my 21 BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, I’ll be 21 and I can’t believe it like omg I’ll finally be able to drink at a bar and feel all fancy and what not! I’m very excited for that.
I actually PLAN (not for sure) going skydiving, maybe in door to test to see if I like it or not. But, I plan for my birthday doing adventurous hood rat things that I never done before. It’s time to start facing my fears and just going for it. It’s all about taking risks. Over the past week, I’ve been setting in advice my great friends have given me. Yes, Its going to be one hell of a journey…It’s time to start believing in yourself.
I will graduate college.
I will find a great job.
I will success in life.
I will love myself through it all.
“Once you turn into a butterfly, you cannot go back into that cocoon.”

Random, but would YOU like to see more on my blog?
Whenever I plan a trip, I’m going to start documenting it and posting it on my Youtube channel. I don’t have any trips plan (UGH) on the bright side, I do have some trips in mind 🙂

With that being said, I have a long week ahead due to midterms. So, I will see you all later.
I will post some birthday pictures on my website so stay tuned for next week!
See ya later babies!
Until next time ❤

oh, one more thing.  I’m still continuing “The Letter She Wrote.”
It’s on pause at the moment.
Click here for part 1. 

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