Quick and easy: Skin Care Routine!

Hey hey hey y’all!
I’m back with another blog post!

This is my quick and easy daily skin care routine.
I included a mini tutorial for you to see how I achieve a smooth, clean look.
Now, my face isn’t the clearest. I still have a lot of dark spots I need to get rid of… (by drinking more water) *rolling my eyes*

On a serious note, they’re 3 steps. Yes, 3 steps.

However, I use different products for different things, but this particular facial cleanser is an everyday use. It’s definitely my go-to facial cleanser!
The reason being… it makes my skin feels sooooooo smooth. My face don’t feel as dirty, especially if I have tons of makeup on the night before. If I don’t wash my face the night of,  I’ll use a makeup wipe to remove the makeup off my face. Then, the next morning I’ll use the facial cleanser. I don’t get all the access off my face enough when using makeup wipes. I do have oily skin, it tends to get really oily during the winter time for some reason. Who else has this problem?  Therefore, I’ll use my Clarisonic cleaning brush to scrub ALLLL the crustiness off. Which is the BEST Christmas present I’ve ever received (besides my canon camera) Thanks mom.

Products are listed below:


That bonnet though. LOL.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this music. 

How to get your skin poppin 101:

Step 1: Drench my face in water.
Step 2: Apply product on Clarisonic.
Step 3: Moisturizing is the key.


 Clarisonic Mia 1™ Skin Cleansing System:  $129.00
Purchased from Sephora.
I’m in love with this baby here. I love how it glides onto my face gently, which makes this process feels good because I KNOW for a face I’m getting all of the oil and dirt off my face.
Before this, I used my hands… It was okay, I got enough but not enough to where I’m feeling like a million bucks with Clarisonic. This product is a bit pricey, you can also get this from Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, and etc.


Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser Neutrogena:  $8.49
Purchased from: Ulta Beauty
The main ingredient of this blog post! This cleanser here! I’ve been loyal to Neutrogena products for a long time and it gets better every time! #shook
It gets away ALL the nastiness from your face, you feel like a new person afterwards. It dries out your skin, even your ance! But, that’s what the moisturizer is for to keep your skin from being super dry.


Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer: $6.99 (usually, on sale for $5.59)
Also from Ulta, as well!
(Hey Ulta, what’s good?)

This product was recommended to me, which I’m SO glad my roommate did this. This right here is the best, this will have your skin feeling like a million bucks. The sensational tingle it gives your face, this hits the spot, the icing on the cake feels. The feeling is just…amazing. Y’all have purchase this. I wouldn’t lie to y’all…I’ve been using this for a couple of months and it never failed me.  Don’t kill me if you don’t prefer this either. Everyone opinions are different, this is just my opinion.

This is quick, easy, and inexpensive products I’ve used for my face. You don’t have to go all out and purchase $500 worth of skin care products. There’s other places you can shop that are convenient for you! I sure hope you enjoy this blog post and mini tutorial! Thanks for watching!

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Happy MLK! Have a great Monday!! ❤


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