Soft Purple Glam Tutorial + Products I Use

Hey guys! I’m back with a tutorial for you all. This specific look is a soft purple glam look, it’s not too little,  it’s not too much… It’s just right! 


Here’s are the products I’ve used for this video:

Eyes (In order):
NYX Eyeshadow Base.
MAC “I’m into it” Eyeshadow for the transition color.
For the eyelids, It’s a shimmer purple ( I know the color looks a bit brown on camera)
I couldn’t find the name of that color but I’m using the BH Cosmetics Neutral 28 Eyeshadow palette… and that’s all for the eyeballs!

Face (In order):
LA Girl Pro Red color correcter… I got this from the local beauty supply store.
Foundation: 355 Maybelline Fit Me Matte
LA Girl Pro Fawn Concealer.
Laura Mercier translucent powder (MY FAVV!)
Revolution Contour Palette.
Betty Lou Manizer (Click here to see this blog post review)
Nyx Brown Lip Liner
Lip Lingerie Matte Lipstick

This is how I achieve this makeup look. If you want me to go in depth on how I do my full face or eyebrows, whichever one. Please feel very free to let me know what you’ll like to see! I’m open to suggestions and I’d really appreciate it if you send me some ideas.

P.S I apologize for the lighting! I was in a bit of a rush with the ending part of the video, but you couldn’t miss me glowing because of that highlight! ( laugh)
Yeahhhhh, I’m lame! lol

I will see you in my next blog post! Stay tune for more!

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