Time Management Tips : “I never have time to do anything!”

Less complaining, more achieving. 
Am I’m right? or am I’m right?

Days are going by, time is ticking, and you haven’t got anything done.
You’ve basically stream on your cellular device all day.
You tell yourself you’ll do your homework at 7:30…time passed and it’s 3 A.M.

“How are you able to talk about time management when you can’t even post on time?”
You may wonder…

We’ll discuss me later. As for now, I’m going to discuss on how to manage your time better. Now, slap me because as you know I’m terrible with managing my time BUT I’m trying my very best to keep track with what I do.

Yes, the cliche way of things.

I use a monthly planner that I carry around 24/5  to remind myself about important test dates, homework, bills due, etc all that jazz right? Before I started time managing my priorities like 3 weeks ago LOL. I didn’t have a plan regimen, I was the type of person to just get up and go about my business forgetting that something was due for class the next day.

You can purchase planners at Target, Walmart, Dollar Store, and etc. It doesn’t have to be all fancy and expensive. I purchase mine from Target for about $7 max.

It’s best to write things down in order to keep track so you won’t “forget” like I do.
I use to write an entire list… For example:

  • Wake up
  • Shower
  • Makeup
  • Class
  • Homework
  • Eat
  • Go Shopping
  • Pay Phone Bill

Eh, you get my point right?

It’s best to not list as much duties because it can be a bit overwhelming but if that works best for you, then go for it boo! I ain’t stopping you!

Tip #1: Create a plan/Make a list.
Create 3 important to-dos you want to get out of way first)

Tip#2: Limit your time and prioritize, girl!
(Start ahead, don’t wait till the last minute)

Tip#3: Stop complaining & get it done!
(Get off your cellular device and do your homework)

Tip#4 : Mark To-Dos off the list!
(You feel so much better)

Tip #5: Take a nap! You’ve accomplished all your goals!
(Gooooood Job, you’re the real MVP)

I’m going to be very honest with you all.. I wrote this blog post the day before… GASP!
Yeah, don’t kill me! LOL. This is a reminder for me to get my priorities together as well. I’m here to help you, help me…We’re in this together.

Until next blog post, I won’t procrastinate!



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