Welcome to adulthood! |Apartment Tour? #LifeUpdate

It’s really been 2 weeks? You guys time seriously goes by super fast.

As you’re probably wondering… What have I been up to?
What’s up with the lack of posts lately?
Well… If you know me or following me on social media…
@FearlessKryss (Twitter, Instagram)
You better follow me or else :))

The reason being is because… I’m moving into my OWN apartment. Just me, myself, and I. I’m so excited to the point where I already have my bags packed, like no joke. My mind has been all over the place trying to come up with themes for my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and my office space. Furniture shopping is not fun to me, at all. IT’S STRESSSFULLLL! It literally took me forever in a day to find the perfect bed comforter and bathroom aesthetics because I’m so picky when it comes to those specific rooms and I just want everything to go smoothly, you feel me?

If you want… I can do an apartment tour to show you all how my apartment is set up.

Other than that… whoever told me furniture shopping was going to be fun and easy, I’ll be waiting on you at the door because this right here wasn’t fun and easy for me! LOL!

With that being said… School (of course) has been really kicking my butt. It’s always that ONE TEACHER, that ONE CLASS that mades you want to drop out of school and forget everyone! Yeah, that’s how I’m currently feeling. I’m ready for the class to be over with so I can enjoy this carefree life but instead… no. But, I’ll get through it.
(insert motivation here)

This was an update post on what I’ll be working on for the next two weeks…
I haven’t forgot about you all. I promise.
When I get all set up, there will be more active videos on the le blog and le youtube
because ya girl been slacking but that’s okay.

If you don’t follow me on social media… PLEASE DO!
My links are on my website 🙂

I will see you sometime next week. ❤


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