Absence | “Did you quit blogging?”

2 months have passed since I’ve last written.
I know you’re probably wondering…
“Did you quit blogging?”
The answer is… 
No, of course. Rather than quitting, I took a long break because of the events that were going on in my life. I moved into my new apartment, I’m finishing up my last year of school (of course the work load was hectic), my 9-5 job, and even stopped playing The Sims.
While all these events were going on in my life… I started to self-doubt, backing away from opportunities, and shutting down from everyone. To be honest, I was lost. Afraid. I wasn’t sure If I wanted to continue blogging because I lost something that means the most to me. NOW, I know some of you may know but I’m very active when it comes to The Sims games. I have every collection of The Sims game started from Sims 1 to now. So, what happened was my computer messed up and lost pretty much everything I thought I saved to my hard drive. There are some things saved on my sims game but I lost a majority of the work I’ve saved on the sims. I know that may not mean anything to you, but it means a lot to me.
I moved into my apartment on my own so paying these bad boy bills are something I have to get used to. Point. Blank. Period.
You already know how college goes so no need to elaborate on that.

At the end of the day, I realized I can’t let setbacks get the best of me. I want to be very open with those who’s been following me on this journey. I had to take some time off to get myself together which was a much-needed break. I’m at peace with where I am in life at the moment… I cut my hair into a tapered haircut, I climbed Stone Mountain for the first time ever, I’ve been reading some books. Lately, I have been focusing on me and that’s the best thing I could ever do.

Since it’s a new month… I like for you all to share your opinions on what you would like to see more on FearlessKryss? More talks? Videos? Written posts? Giveaways? What would you prefer?
I hope you all understand.
Until then… See you next week ❤



2 thoughts on “Absence | “Did you quit blogging?”

  1. Wow, Kryss. Congratulations on your new apartment, that’s awesome news! I just noticed you have an apartment tour post so I will be checking that out as soon as I finish this comment lol (I love apartment tours!). I think it’s admirable that you were able to recognize when you needed that “You” time. It can be hard to see when it is needed sometimes. Glad you’re back!!<3

    P.s. I personally would love to see more written posts(:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thanks babe!! ❤️ an apartment tour will be coming soon but yes I had to step back for a second and really think of where/what I wanted to do with my life but I’m back and better! Thanks for following along my journey ❤️


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