I CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF!!?! | #FearlessKryss

But before we get into the juicy details
Click this link to view my blog post on my natural hair journey!
If you don’t want to, I’m not going to force you.
I’m going to make this sweet and simple πŸ™‚

Shall we continue?

If I never decided to ever cut my hair for the second time, I would of been 4 years natural on July 25th. But, instead I cut my hair into a tapered hair cut on May 31st, 2017. But WAIT… There’s more.
Let’s rewind back to December 21, 2016.
In that time, this was my second time visiting this hair salon and when I say the people are great, they’re great! I went for the usual to get my hair straighten but this time dying my hair black.

IMG_0038Yess, you know looking all lovely before Christmas. However, a rude awakening was about to happen. When I washed my hair… my curls were in shambles. I had curls but they wasn’t popping. They were there but loose and at this point… I lost it. I was so upset. I deep condition, re-twisted my hair every night, did protected styles,Β  and so forth.
Months went by and it’s already May. At this point, I had a lot going on with moving into my new apartment and also dealing with mid terms at the time. So, my hair was doing pretty okay, it started going back into formation with the curls. At the end of May, where things just hit the fan again.

This time… I got my hair cut into a tapered hair style AND straighten! Still not learning my lesson.

I washed my hair again…The shortest side of my hair was heat damaged BAD! or should I say “chemical process” damaged? I don’t know but I started cutting that side of my hair. It was horrible so in the meantime of course, I did protective styles…

Which led me to my current hairstyle.

The day before my graduation ceremony… I got my hair straighten again.

I noticed when I was traveling my hair wasn’t curling up as it supposed to nor didn’t have any life to it at all. (You’ll notice on my next vlog!)
At this point… I was completely DONE. I didn’t want to worry about the length anymore I just wanted my hair to be FREAKING healthy! So I cut it all off (almost) which led my to my current favorite hairstyleeeeeeee….

A great friend of mine did the first 2 pictures. I told her JUST CUT IT OFF. I WANT MY ALL MY HAIR CUT! She’s like… I’m going to need you to sleep on that for a day. I’m like NO! I NEED IT DONE NOW! I’M GOING THROUGH A CRISIS (Me being dramatic).
IMG_2995That happened and I’ve been loving it every since! Now, as you can see on the third/fourth picture where there’s a bit of long strands that was just sooooo annoying. I cut those myself lol. I think I did a pretty good job and now my hair is like this now. I went to the barbershop for the first time ever which was a bit awkward but the guy that cut my hair was really nice and I’ll be back for another visit because I’m loving this cut ❀
IMG_3003and there we have it folks! An update on my natural hair. I went through trails and errors with my natural hair but you know, it takes time. I’m learning how to be more patient with my hair and actually take care of my hair.
So, let’s see where this hair journey takes me!!

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