WHAT IN THE REAL LIFE IS GOING ON?! | Post Grad update? A new environment?

Heyyyyyyyy guys!
How are we doing on this lovely Wednesday?
I’m going to give you an update on how my post-grad life is going so far…
and let’s just say… it aint easy being cheesy LOL

Please discard the lame joke.
In all seriousness, I bet you’re probably wondering how’s my life after college is?
HORRIBLE. Just kidding, it’s not that bad.
Now that I have an entry level job as a Visual Merchandiser Manager
(I can’t tell you what company I work for due to company’s policy) but
I will tell you, I’ve been challenged ton! And still today. I’m still going to push through like I always do even though I’m very dramatic.
It’s a starting point on where I’m trying to go in life, you never know where this job can take me. Taking on a leadership role is so new to me considering the fact, this is my very first job being in control and the boss of everyone. To be honest, I never saw myself as a leader. As bad as that may sound, I never saw myself in a higher position. It’s crazy, I know?
So, what’s next?

I finished school in September, earned my degree, and I walk on June 18th (There will be pictures, so stay tune) . We only have one graduation a year so that’s why it took forever in a day to see graduation pictures 🙂

But other than those important subjects, I’ve been focusing more on myself. I’m on this journey of finding myself in the midst of feeling confident and just putting myself out there into this thing called world. I’m just taking everyday day by day.  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!

I adopted a cat name Coco Puff. He’s 4 years old and so adorable! ❤
He’s so sweet and loving. I made the right decision to adpot. He’s still getting adjusted to his new place since he was surrounded by a lot of his cat buddies, he’s having a hard time being away from me for too long. Other than that, he’s a great cat!

I apologize for such a short blog post but I just wanted to keep you guys updated as much as I can because I know I fell off the earth for the past couple of months. Thanks to inspiration all of a sudden, I wouldn’t know what I’ll do without the help of my friends who kept pushing me to get on my toes.

Let me know what’s been going on with you!
Adjusting in a new career? Pet Owner?

Chat with me!!! ❤





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