Heeeeeey guys!
*casually sliding through the door like everything is okay when I know it’s not*

Don’t kill me! I know, okay. You can slap me, but not too hard. OKUR?
You’re always probably wondering where in the hell have I been? Welp, you see the title. In the beginning of April, I bought my first home that I fell in love with as soon as my real estate agent showed me the property. I’m officially a homeowner at 22! (Now, I won’t go into much details like financials and all the important things) Just know, I scrap every last dime that I had and cried almost every day. But, I made it through such long process. I’m so glad it’s finally over! Now I can breathe. There will be a home tour posted on my YouTube Channel! If you’re not subscribe…Go do that right now!!  And, I also adopted a cat. His name is Coco Puff! It was literally love at first sight when he jumped into my arms and I knew I had to have him. COCO PUFFHe’s so cute when he wants to be lol

In the month of both March and April, I met Tory Lanez! If you know me personally, you know I am a huge fan of Tory Lanez and also it was one of my New Years resolutions to meet him. Not only once, but TWICE!! It was so amazing to see him perform live in concert, front row, and all. I cried and almost fainted.
Sidenote: There’s more to see on my Instagram :)))))

That was such a big moment for me. I love his music and just him being an amazing artist! #Fargo

In the lovely month of July, I went to Miami for a couple of days to celebrate a great friend of mine birthday! It was my first time going and let me tell you… it was amazing! I had such a good time. We visited South Beach, of course. The Sugar Factory, Fat Tuesday, and Monte’s (Hopefully I spelled that right) It’s a seafood restaurant. My bank account was crying the whole trip lol but it was well worth it. I needed that time to get away from  Georgia and not think about work or anything. It was good to get away for a little while.

(The concierge’s at the front desk gave her a basket full of candy. She was too excited LOL!)


I wanted to catch you guys up on what’s been going on with my life. I know I haven’t posted as much but I’m finally out of creative block and now it’s back to business!!! ❤

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Love you guys, always.
Thank you all for your support.

Love, Krystal ❤





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