Stop Being an Inconsistent Blogger! | Where Have I Been?

Oh God…. I know what’s about to happened. And you know what?
I’m sick of it.

Heyy ya’ll! I’m back with long over due blog post but you get my gesture. Right? RIGHT? I know right. WRONG!
So, since last blog post… There has been A LOT happening in my life. Great things, life changing things, and just overall trying to stay positive in the mist of it all.
“So, What’s been up?”

Well… I got a new full time job which I LOVE so much and got pretty lucked up.
The company found me on LinkedIn! (If you don’t have a Linkedin Account… I suggest you get one!) And ever since then, I’ve been living my best life!
If you don’t know…I am a Visual Merchandiser where I am in charge of the artisty of Mannequins you see in the lovely window when you’re window shopping! ^_^
I can write a more in dept blog post on what I do as a visual merchandiser 😉

Besides than, I turn 23 on November 12th (wooo)
I celebrated with all my friends and had a great time!
In all seriousness, 23 is like turning 19 so I didn’t feel any different at all.
Does anybody else feel that way when you turned 23? Or it is just me because I can be a little dramatic lol!

In all honestly, over the past few months have also been challenging as well. The reason being, I still don’t know what to do with my life and everyone seem like I have it all together and TRUST ME… I really don’t. I’m just winging it 99.99 % of the time. But, for some reason… I keep coming back with blogging and Youtube so maybe I do have a purpose… I know someone can understand how that feels. I’m trying to do everything… but I have to start taking the time to really put in thought into doing what I love.

I was debating if I should wait to post on New Years but then, I started to think why not now? I should start NOW instead of waiting! I need this kind of motivation 24/7! LOL.
I’m so horrible at being consistent, especially with my blog now that FearlessKryss is coming up on 3 YEARS!!! (oh my god, don’t make me cry). Again, you know I can’t let this blog post by without letting you guys know how thankful I am for you. ❤
We shall be consistent all YEAR!!

What keeps you motivated? 

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