My LAZY DAY Routine | FearlessKryss

Have you ever had days where you NEED a break from everything? Work? School? Life? Of doing absolutely nothing?
Yes. Today is that day.
Happy New Year Folks! We are already 2 weeks in and starting off LAZY already?! GURL WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

First thing first,
it’s very important to take care of yourself first. We all have those days where we are ┬áso caught up in life and not taking the time out for ourselves to rest which is why you at least need to take 1 day (It’s not going to kill ya, I promise) out of your busy week to do nothing at all. I mean, NOTHING.
“Nothing?? Krystal…Are you serious right now?”

For me, I get overwhelmed with work. I tend to overload myself with work duties and staying a bit later than I should or on the weekends, even though I’m suppose to be relaxing… I always keep myself busy. I literally never catch a break on the weekends. However, I found the time to take a day off and RELAX! It feels so great. I have time to plan out for the week, get myself together with no distractions, and have a clear mindset.

I use to feel guilty when I take time out for myself because I felt as if I’m not working hard enough, I should be working to get to where I need to be in life and blah blah blahhhhh. It took a while, but I got out of that mindset quickly when I realized I’m going to get where I need to be but first REST, but don’t quit.

What I like to do in my lazy day routine is not think about work and if you’re in school, don’t stress yourself out about school. If you know me personally, you know you know… I play The Sims in my lovely spare time. I would play The Sims for hours, watch Youtube Videos, watch television. One of my favorites is taking a nice, steaming hot bubble bath, listening to some good ol R&B music, literally HARD CORE CHILLING on the couch jamming out with NO care in the world, what so ever!

It feels great when you’re lazy every once in a while…
So, what’s your lazy day/night routine?!

Comment below!

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