10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me! + Updated Q & A | FearlessKryss

It’s been a LONG time coming, trust me!
To get to know me, you got to love me, right? riiiiight?
I know right! :’)

1.  I’m a huge Sim gammer. I literally play The Sims for 5 + hours and do not care.
(This is me in this meme)
2. I’m a cat owner. I adopted him last year, oh he’s so adorable and spoiled rotten.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
3. I’m terrifed of Granddaddy Long Leg Spiders.
(I fainted once)

4. My favorite all time band is Paramore and Flyleaf.
(Playing The Sims On Playstation was the first time I heard of Paramore song Pressure in Simlish. I had all their posters on my wall, all albums, & etc…Sigh, Life was simple back then) ParamoreeeeFlyLeaf

5. I can go out to eat, movies,  and mini road trips all by myself. (Solo Dolo)

6. I am left handed, but tend to use both hands. Fun fact, I used to write with my right hand when I was younger.

7. I’m an Introvert. If you haven’t seen my previous blog post being socially awkward, I suggest…you click here 🙂

8. My favorite places to visit is New York and Washington D.C

9. I’m an only child ( It’s a pro and con to that but you know, life happens )

10. Tall buildings give me inspiration and to add on, I live in Atlanta, Ga!

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What are some fun facts about YOU?

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