Natural Hair Update: Creme of Nature & Shea Moisture MUST HAVES!

These products has been my hair’s bestfriend since FOREVER.
After a month of wearing braids, my hair was screaming for a wash, I mean…Crying (dramatic)

With all that being said, I had time to wash, condition, and deep condition my hair!
When I have a protective styling in for a while, I like to really take the time to pay attention to my hair because there’s definietly alot of shedding that goes on and I am not having it.
For this, I shampoo my hair once a month and co-wash weekly. I’m not as good with deep conditioning my hair every blue moon, I know…sue me! But, I am turning over a new leaf by deep conditioning my hair every 2 weeks. My hair is THICK! And sometimes…I have NO idea what to do with it.
Natural Hair Products.JPG
Last year, I was BALD and sometimes I wish I could cut my hair again, start over, wake up and go… But I don’t want to. It was fun while it lasted.

Creme of Nature Shampoo and Conditioner has been a blessing. My hair eats this SHEET up! When I run my fingers through my hair, my curls are poppppin, my hair is all moisturize and shiny! Ugh, I just love it!

After I condition my hair, I then use Shea Moisture Hair Masque, (ALL PRODUCTS ARE SULFATE FREE) I let this sit in my hair for about an hour. My hair felt super soft and it felt great for the first time ever. I used to deal with dry hair… I’m just happy i found products that loves my hair.



Here’s the finish look! (Don’t judge me, i took these down while I’m at work) 😂


What’s your favorite natural hair products? What made you go natural?

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